Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Coffee Creatures for National Coffee Day!

It's National Coffee Day so I wanted to post some new Coffee Creatures I've finished this year. These paintings are made with Coffee, Watercolor, and Acrylic Ink on paper.

Broken Jaw, Broken Heart

Polarity Bear

The Pink Belly of the Lollipop Tiger

We've Got Pre-History

Ram Tough

The Skull Collectors

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

International Tiger Day!

Today is International Tiger Day!

Tigers are one of my favorite animals. I could gush about majesticity but you probably already know all about it. Tigers are rad and that's all there is to it. Pretty to look at, fun to paint, dangerous to high five. I love tigers!

UNfun fact: In the last hundred years we've gone from 100,000 wild tigers to 3,000. That's right, us jerky meatbags trashed 97% of the wild tiger population in just the last century. Madness. More about that here...


WWF Tiger Adoption

Give what you can to save some tigers. In the meantime, here's some tiger paintings!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Pinky VS The Cosmoctopi! & Emerald City ComiCon 2015

This piece will be in the Emerald City Comic Con 2015 Monsters & Dames charity art book. Buy the book, get cool art, get it signed at the show (I’ll be at booth 509), support good causes. DO IT!

You can also watch the timelapse painting video here...