Friday, February 5, 2010

The Bones Still Breathing

I've often heard that going peacefully in your sleep is the best way to leave this world.  I can't agree.  To live a life and not have those last few seconds to, if nothing else, reflect, seems like rip-off.  For that matter, how about a fighting chance.  I think cowardly best describes someone who'd take a life while they were sleeping.  I'd hope my reaper has a little more brass.  At least play a game a chess to determine if he gets me, if not a fist fight.  In Doctor Who it was said that it wasn't accepting your own mortality that defined being human, but fighting for survival and refusing to die.  And while I'd like to think I've come to terms with my finite time on a buddhist level, you better believe I'll take a bat to the first robe wearing skeleton I see.

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